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Shenzhen Abest Lighting Co., Ltd.

Specializing in linear high bay and low bay LED light fixtures

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    B, Floor 5, Building 8, Huafeng Science & Technology Park, Tangwei, Fuyong Street, Bao'an Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Abest Lighting is an industrial lighting manufacturer specializing in linear high bay and low bay LED light fixtures. The company also manufactures UFO LED high bay lights, LED flood lights and CCT adjustable LED panel lights. Abest's products have been welcomed in the market and find applications in a wide range of commercial and industrial lighting projects, which include warehouses, box stores, parking garages, supermarkets, production facilities, gymnasiums, aircraft hangars, cold storage units, and anywhere an effective and efficient general area lighting solution is critical.

Abest Lighting is not big in scale but has deep expertise in advanced design and engineering technologies in its niche. Abest linear high bay fixtures address the needs of lighting for confined spatial conditions and narrow traffic routes such as in modern distribution centers, order fulfillment centers and warehouses using a matrix of high racks. The precision engineered optic system throws a focused beam of illumination to direct to the desired areas with minimal glare. Optionally, these high bay fixtures are available with emergency power supplies and advanced sensor systems to provide critical life-safety lighting, occupancy sensing, dimming and other energy saving features. Abest's another flagship solution, LED vapor tight lights (which are often called LED tri-proof lights in China), are designed for demanding industrial and utility lighting applications requiring water, vapor, chemical and dust resistance. The rugged, durable and watertight construction provides a high level of protection and heat dissipation for the advanced LED circuitry housed within.

Abest's total systems approach to product development is based on a comprehensive engineering philosophy that integrate sustainability, scalability, and cost-efficiency. High efficiency LEDs, state-of-the-art drivers and excellent thermal management all work together to give years of maintenance-free operation. All Abest's fixtures are engineered, manufactured and tested to the highest specification grade standards. Stringent third party testing are performed for the purpose of validating products to market and industry standards such as cULus, TUV, SAA, DLC, CE and RoHS.
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